mykl sivak is an artist. this is a web site.
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mykl sivak is an artist...

...based in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Trained in graphic and fine arts, Mykl’s work
crosses a number genres and formats.

Corporate clients include the Marc Ecko,
TX, and Helix brands of fashion watches.
For these brands, Mykl has completed
a number of design projects,
which range from art and instruction booklets,
to the design of watches, packaging,
and collectable figurines.

Mykl's short-fictional comics have been
featured in a number of publications ranging
from newspapers, online magazines,
to comics anthologies.


this is a web site... feel free to browse its pages.
These galleries contain many images,
records of various projects, which represent
a number of years of work. Enjoy,
and thanks for visiting!


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