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Project: Marc Ecko, The Automatik: "The Watchmaker"

Project Completion: 2/2006

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The Ayutomatic box set


I was commissioned to create a special instruction booklet for the
Ecko Automatic watch box set. The watch was to be priced at
$1000.00 US. At the time, this was the most expensive watch ever
produced by the line. The company considered it to be something
special, and so, wanted the packaging and instruction manual to
be special as well. Given the fact that an automatic watch
necessitates no more than a single page of instructions, the brand
manager and I were left with a lot of creative leeway for our
creation of the instruction booklet.

We ultimately decided upon the story of a nineteenth century
New York City watchmaker, who by night stalks the city's streets
applying his propagandistic graffiti to the city's structures.

We changed the Ecko motif of 1972 to 1872, and recruited my friend
Simon Edgett to pose as the Watchmaker for a photoshoot.
He also rode the costume down to NYC and spent the day wandering
the city!

It was a lot of fun working with Marc Ecko watches brand Manager
Stephen Scholz on this project, and in the end, I feel we produced
something very special.

You can find some of the text included in the booklet by clicking

And a gallery of the booklet can be viewed below. Enjoy!

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