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“Michael is that rare editor that can mold a manuscript from the highest concept level, down to the most minute detail. He is meticulous and observant, and it was a pleasure to work with him. I appreciated his professional approach to his work.” 
January 28, 2012
Amy KefauverSenior Production Editor, Questar Assessment, Inc


“I've worked with Mykl on several occasions, from creative and technical writing to illustrating. He has proven to not only been personable and trustworthy, but accommodating to some of the challenges that come with working in a corporate setting. With his art, he brings a wealth of experience on current trends and has a unique way of bringing the group's ideas to paper.”
 February 9, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
– Vanessa Neri, Project Manager, Timex


“Michael combines a sharp eye for detail with a unique approach to work. I was fascinated by all the connections he made. A tremendous graphic talent and a guy who gets stuff done. Ultimately, Questar was too small to contain him.”
 February 3, 2012
 Michael RussellSenior Production Editor, Questar Assessment, Inc.


“Michael (Mykl) Sivak is a highly creative cartoonist who would have received wider notice already in a more attentive world. I myself find his drawing style very appealing and am hoping he has opportunities to continue finding a public and sharpening his skills.” 
January 27, 2012
Howard CruseCartoonist/Designer/Writer


“Mike is a brilliant, imaginative writer and comic artist. He's just flat out smart and talented all around. And a nice guy. I was his teacher and am now his friend. He can succeed at whatever he sets his mind to.”
 February 5, 2012
Tim Parrish, Professor, Southern Connecticut State University, Author of Red Stick Men


“From the initial consult through the design process to the final product, and even beyond, Mykl was integral to the creation of my book's cover. Having spent years working on the words it would contain, I was more than a bit anxious that the cover represent my story accurately and affectionately, and Mykl really made that happen. For me, the REAL test was how he was able to follow his own inspiration while still remaining true to MY vision. And while it was a true team effort, there were times when he was more passionate about my cover than I was!"
January 27, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Mike Wood, author of Alchemy


“Michael and I have contributed comics work to each other's anthologies. He has rare talent as a creator, organizer and editor and is an important rising figure in the alternative comics community.” 
January 28, 2012
 Josh Bayer, Educational Alliance Art School


“Mykl is the most amazing person I have ever worked with, and that's no exaggeration. Once we had to get out a huge pile of stuff, Mykl balanced half of it on his head and the rest of it in his hands and walked through the area whistling a tune! We all jumped up and helped, the job was done in half the time! His shoes are always very shiny and he has very nice breath and a winning smile. Once I dropped a toothbrush in the toilet, he reached in there, even though I had accidentally flushed it, he stretched out his arm and got it. He cleaned it really well and I still use that toothbrush. Highly recommended person!!!”
January 28, 2012
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